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Healthier Refried Beans

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There’s something about Mexican refried beans that have me craving them often.  However,  most recipes and restaurant refried beans can be loaded with saturated fat.  I have cut the saturated fat and added extra flavor with roasted guajillo peppers and turkey peperoni.  This bean recipe can be used as a dip, filling for bean burritos or simply eaten along side rice.  Enjoy!


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Gluten-free Dairy-free Crackers

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Appetizers & Condiments, Gluten-free | 0 comments

A few years ago while perusing the Internet I went off onto some raw food sites. Anyhow, I ended up on this YouTube site called “The Raw Food World TV”.   I watched several episodes  and I came across a  recipe for raw cheese crackers.   This dairy-free,  gluten-free cracker is a delicious alternative to regular crackers.   The following recipe has been tweaked from the original version off the raw site.

Wiki page or Raw Foodism

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Yogurt Cheese!

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You might be scratching your head right now.  Yogurt cheese?  Yes yogurt cheese!  Maybe you’re familiar with Greek yogurt.   It’s different than regular yogurt because of its thick and creamy texture.   Yogurt cheese takes Greek yogurt to the next level.  Yogurt cheese is the consistency of  cream cheese but with far fewer calories.  You can take this cheese anywhere on the sweet to savory scale.  Have yogurt cheese with some honey or preserves for something sweet, or spread it over a bagel adding lox for something more savory.

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