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Skyline Chili

Posted by on Oct 27, 2013 in Meat, Product Review, Soups & Stews | 0 comments

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Recently, my husband and I were in Indianapolis and we stopped by a Skyline Chili. For those of you unfamiliar with this chain, Skyline Chili is famous for their version of Cincinnati chili. My husband fancies himself as something of a fast food connoisseur. So on his recommendation we ordered:

1 large Skyline Chili over a bed of spaghetti
1 large Skyline Chili over french fries
6 Skyline Chili coney’s
2 bowls of naked Skyline Chili in a bowl

Go big or go home right? I wont judge you if you don’t judge me… While I loved every dish I have to say the naked chili in a bowl was my favorite. This was an unobstructed feast for my palate. My brain immediately went into “deconstruct recipe” mode. It was like no chili I had tasted before. It was as if the meat was stewed and then blended to form a luscious consistency… I picked up on various spices including what I believe to be Indian garam masala…hints of cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom…maybe even some all spice. Well I immediately went home and started recreating this amazing chili. I think it’s pretty spot on… but you can let your palates be the final judge… enjoy!

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Healthy Bánh mì – 320 Calories

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Meat, Product Review, The Basics, Vegetables | 0 comments



I love me a good Bánh mì!  However, roasting the pork alone can be tedious and adds a ton of fat and calories.  My goal was to create an “everyday Bánh mì”  that was healthy but tasted great.

My personal favorite part of the Bánh mì are the pickled vegetables.  The mixture of sweet, spicy and tangy flavors marry perfectly with all the other components.  This Bánh mì replaces a lot of fatty components with flavor.  When you try this Bánh mì you will forget that it’s only 320 calories!


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Addicted: Trader Joe’s Wasabi Roasted Seaweed

Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Gluten-free, Product Review, Uncategorized, Vegetables | 0 comments

Addictions come in many forms: vicodin…whiskey…sex…googling…cheesy poofs…and now TJ’s Wasabi Roasted Seaweed snacks. These snack packs are a much healthier addiction for the mind and soul. It is  brought to you by your local Trader Joe’s for a mere 99cents.  Each pack is 1-2 servings. The entire pack has between 20-30 sheets of seaweed and weighs in at about 60 calories per pack.

Google Shopping Quick Link to Roasted Seaweed


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Amazing Grass: Banana Hemp Wheatgrass Shake

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Product Review, Vegetables | 0 comments


Let me be honest …as far as taste goes… I am not a fan off  “the wheatgrass”.   However,  its superfood status had me thinking of ways to make it palatable.    I purchased Amazing Grass brand wheatgrass from Vitacost awhile ago but only recently decided to give it ago.

I first tried mixing it up with a juice as many reviews had suggested.  However, this powder is gritty and doesn’t dissolve… needless to say this method doesn’t work too well.  This stuff needs to be incorporated into a thick shake.  Ice-cream aside,   a good way to get the thickness and sweetness of a milk shake without the calories is to add bananas.   I use hemp milk in this recipe but you can really use anything…e.g.  milk, soy milk, almond milk…etc.


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