Thai Basil Beef – Lad Na Gapow

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One of my favorite cuisines is Thai.   And Im not talking Phad Thai…  I’m talking about dishes like Pad See Ew or Pad Kee Mao… and my  all time favorite thai dish Lad Na Gapow  also know as Basil Beef.  Over the years, I have come to know one thing…  no one restaurant makes this the same.  My history with this last dish has been a long one.   I’ve had many versions of gapow.   The best gapow in MHO was at Thai Place in Overland Park, KS.  Their preparation of Basil beef is so phenomenal.  I would go into a food trance while eating it.

After moving from Kansas to Chicago, I naively thought I could  easily find an equivalent Gapow.  WRONG!  I could never find one that measured up.   So I set forth to  recreate this myself  in order to fill the growing void.  Once perfecting it, I cried for for 2 reasons:  The first, was knowing I can now have my favorite dish whenever I wanted it…the second, was over why I didn’t try to recreate it earlier.  After all,  the ingredients and preparation are so simple! ARG!@#$   Well better late than never.  Hope you enjoy this even half as much as I obsess over it.

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Dry Curried Okra

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Many people avoid okra due to it’s slimy consistency.  This preparation will dismiss this notion.   A light saute of okra with some cooking oil can eliminate this textural nightmare.  This recipe is a simple and quick recipe that can be paired with rice or tortillas.


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Rajma – Indian Red bean Curry

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After 10 days in Ireland,  I was desperate for something that didn’t include potatoes… Armed with a bag of read kidney beans and ground beef I decided on a non-vegetarian rajma. For those of you that are not familiar with rajma, it is a classical vegetarian Indian dish often eaten alone as a soup, or accompanied with rice. You can easily omit the meat from this dish and it will be just as delicious. Enjoy!

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The Omelette

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So I woke up this morning and IT just sounded good!   A savory delicious omelette.  But I didn’t want a frittata style omelette where all the ingredients were embedded into the omelette… no what I wanted was something reminiscent of a crepe… not too thick  not too thin.  So I came up with this recipe.  This omelette is light yet fulfilling.  The kielbasa, onion and tomato combine and evolve making this a rich treat.


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Brussels Sprout Salad With Flax Brittle & Ginger Soy Dressing

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“I’d like a plate of the roughage please?!”  I know… it sounds wholly unappetizing right?   Well au contraire, mon frère!   This salad puts an end to this age old mindset.   It combines  Brussels sprouts and flax seed meal in a duet that will have your mind thinking  “this cant possibly be good for me?” and your bowels singing  Hallelujah!  It’s  easy to prepare there’s no boiling, roasting…e.g. killing the Brussels sprouts required! Best of all there is only 212 calories per delicious serving!!


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Healthy Bánh mì – 320 Calories

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I love me a good Bánh mì!  However, roasting the pork alone can be tedious and adds a ton of fat and calories.  My goal was to create an “everyday Bánh mì”  that was healthy but tasted great.

My personal favorite part of the Bánh mì are the pickled vegetables.  The mixture of sweet, spicy and tangy flavors marry perfectly with all the other components.  This Bánh mì replaces a lot of fatty components with flavor.  When you try this Bánh mì you will forget that it’s only 320 calories!


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