Chicken Salad

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Ok so here is a simple recipe from my mother-in-law Vicky for chicken salad. This is not your boring cubed chicken salad.  No, this is your “I GOTTA HAVE THAT CHICKEN SALAD”.  It is so good!  I love it on a warm croissant with fresh onion. However, I also so find myself enjoying a couple of spoonfuls of it late at night like Nigella.  Believe me… you will crave it too.

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cheese final2

Growing up I would watch my mother make paneer.    Paneer is the Indian name for a solid form of Ricotta cheese where the water has been removed from it.  I’m not going to say that she spent hours slaving to make fresh paneer.  No because making fresh whole milk ricotta or paneer as Indians refer to it is absurdly simple.  You can use paneer in your favorite paneer curry or enjoy it with some olive oil and fresh ground black pepper.

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Black Chocolate Banana Bread

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I really wanted chocolate banana bread.  But I didn’t want any of that milk chocolate brown banana bread.  No, I wanted that that rich black chocolate color and flavor that you see in Oreos.  To get that dark black chocolate color and flavor I used black cocoa powder.

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Egg Cream

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Oh sweet egg cream how you make a stressful day fade away…

If you’ve never had an egg cream, this is what you’re missing: rich, creamy chocolate, bubbly goodness. The origins of the egg cream are a bit mysterious.  Some say the egg cream was the original milkshake. Back in the day, they would mix sweet cream, an egg and chocolate then top  it off with soda.  Kinda sounds like a chocolate soda of sorts.   Fear not, as there is no longer raw eggs in the egg cream.  The egg cream is now a simple 3 ingredient drink that is sure to please your sweet tooth.

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Chicken Curry

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Chicken curry is a dish that can vary widely based on the region of India you are from.  This version is a classic Bengali preparation passed down in my family.  What this curry is not is the overly rich restaurant style chicken curry.   THIS is the chicken curry you go to an Indian grandmother’s house for.  It is nothing short of a labor or of love.

Masterfully delicious curries can be made quickly with few ingredients.  However,  they can also be arduous with many ingredients.  This chicken curry is somewhere in between.  The key to this curry is the onions and their proper preparation.


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